Correct Email

Correct Email 8 allows you to manage and correct any size list of email addresses in .csv, .txt and .xslx formats.

Correct Email 8- Email address correction software. Copyright 2016 - All rights reserved.
The downloadable free version of Correct Email 8 is good for opening an unlimited number of emails addresses or supported files, it saves 250 corrected email addresses and it does not expire.

The full version single user version of this program that does not expire and that does support opening and saving an unlimited number of email addresses and supported files is available at $29.00

The full version network version of this program that does not expire is available at $595.00.

Correct Email 8 is designed for correcting and controlling lists of email addresses.
Email marketing requires management of email addresses.

Our software allows you to do management at all that your email address from small simplistic lists of email addresses to large extremely complex lists of email addresses.

Not only do we check for any errors in your email addresses but we also allow you to exclude top level domain and a names such as .EDU, .GOV, US in addition to being able to exclude international top level domains such as .BR a Brazil .MX or UK for example.

Detailed statistics on the initial number of email addresses, number of rejected email addresses and resulting email addresses in addition to execution time on the program are displayed towards the bottom of the screen.

Correct Email 8 is part of a new goal we have with our new programs which is to let you completely change the looks and feel of all of the programs screens. 24- 7 FREE LIVE technical support is available at 1-949-307-2485
1. Open your email list that is in .csv format, .txt / Text format or .xslx / Excel format with the open icon.
2. Next click on the Correct It command button and wait for the emails to be corrected.
3. Save the corrected list as any text file that you like with the Save Icon. It is that simplistic.
Correct Email8 can be used as a file converter. Either with or without email addresses. You may open any .CSV, .TXT or .XLSL files and then save as .CSV, .TXT or .XLSX file regardless of if the file has anything to do with email addresses.